2015 Chardonnay

“Apple cider and white peach, blossom and tangerine aromas on the nose…”

“The Adler Fels Chard won’t bowl you over with gobs of oak and overcooked fruit. Rather, it’s elegant and balanced with a wide range of flavors and aromas…”

“These are two of the best wine values I’ve come across in the past three years. For sheer “Bang For Buck“, these are two of the best wines from the US that I’ve found yet….Chardonnay 94 points, Pinot Noir 96 points.” – The Pour Fool

“While certainly full-bodied and rich, it is far from over-bearing: tropical notes with subtle oak accents, this tastes like a Chard closer to twice its price.” – The Drunken Cyclist

“…the Chardonnay’s juicy pineapple notes ease into elegant layers and a long finish, adding up to a rich and complex wine.” – Kristine Hansen, FSR Magazine

“Of more than 300 wines tasted recently, here are the top 20 percent, each of which I would serve proudly, and each a great value in its respective price range.” – Denman Moody

“Light vanilla notes meld well with notes of apples and pears. While the palate continues to develop more brown butter notes, the wine manages to stay light on its feet thanks to a slight acidity that tempers the back end, ensuring it finishes on the crisp and clean side.” – Christopher Null, Drink Hacker

“This is a beautiful classic California Chardonnay highlighted by plenty of fruit flavor, good dimension and character and a moderate dose of oak in the finish to wrap it together. 91 points.”

2014 Pinot Noir

“…with black cherry and nutmeg aromas most prevalent. The palate offers cola, ripe cranberry, oregano and sage flavors, set against grippy tannins that ensure a few years of solid cellar life. 89 points.”

“On the palate, I discovered a balanced profile with medium acidity, integrated tannins, and subtle notes of maple syrup, cherries, and pepper. The finish was rich and lingering – just what you need to relax and reflect upon the day.”

“It features notes of black olives, earth, cedar, cherries, licorice and smoke, with a hint of caramel, vanilla and spices…” – Write For Wine

“Ripe cherry, crushed violets and a hint of something savory on the nose, maybe with a touch of minerality and loads of sweet berry spice… Pleasant and nicely balanced.”

“On the lighter side of Pinot (which is fine by me), there is a lovely tartness and just the slightest grip at the back-end…it might be one of the best sub-$30 Pinots I have tried in a while.” – The Drunken Cyclist

“A soft and lightly aromatic pinot, gentle with cherries and laced just so with tobacco, vanilla, and dried blueberries…The lightly bittersweet finish gives it depth without blowing out what is otherwise an elegant, lightly herbal denouement.” – Christopher Null, Drink Hacker

” What I find to be special here is the balance. Earth, fruit, acid, body and oak – all of these are dialed in just right. 92 points.”